Hey, I'm Joel.

I make things sometimes.

I'll post them here, probably.



Writer / Designer

I like feedback; I'm interested in yours


Email: somethingprofessional132@gmail.com

LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/baileyjoel




While I was employed at Whitebox Interactive I had the

privilege to work on Warhammer 40K: Dark Nexus Arena

As a Game Designer/ Writer on the project, I was tasked with:


- Designing and documenting gameplay elements and mechanics

- Designing and balancing character abilities, stats, and gameplay roles

- Writing character dialogue and directing voice actors

- Writing other narrative assets, including tooltips and descriptions

More Info >

Inkling is a side-scrolling platformer developed in Unity where you control two failed experiments, Elli and Eli. Elli can create hovering platforms that Eli can use to navigate the world and launch himself at high speeds.


Inkling was designed and created over a four month period by a team consisting of myself and three others.

I also made Inkling's cinematics and trailer:

Inkling Trailer

Inkling Opening Cinematic

Download the game >

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